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Big hit from Radio Canada

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Have you seen what’s your name ? What a big hit!

What a coincidence, too, that Radio Canada achieved such a masterpiece the week the Masters started in Atlanta! Crucially, when the planets are aligned … since the days of television, why hasn’t anyone yet thought to imagine a concept based on first names? This is where we pride ourselves on having that creative and daring public television.

Concept what’s your name ? You will definitely go around the world. With thousands of sexual and non-national names in every country, decades will pass before the possibilities for coordination are exhausted. Both Kotet and Kevin Raphael, the creators, deserve to be recruited into the television complex. Perhaps they will even be considered for a Nobel Prize.

A few years ago a successful comedy, The nameMake the French and Quebecers laugh. what’s your name ? Much superior to Alexandre de la Pateliere and Matthew Delaport. It plays on a whole host of human emotions.

France BEAUDOIN is absolutely free

Crushed by stubborn and strong-mouthed Stefan Bellavans, the guests had no choice but to hand over the big marrow. Last Wednesday, at the premiere, the beloved host ofLive from the universe Immersed in amazing confidence: I hated her first name for a long time.

Armed with this absolute confidence, researchers discovered a young girl named Ireland. His presence had a curative effect on Madame Bowdoin. By telling her that Poland or Canada could easily have been called, Ireland caused a truly liberating emotional discharge in France. A tense moment that shook all Quebecers angry at their parents over their first name.

Twin “Born to Slash”

After struggling for a long time in silence with choosing her first name, imagine France Baudouin had to resign to name the girl she and her husband adopted in China without ever seeing her. Let’s hope the little girl, too, won’t suffer from her famous mother’s foreclosure syndrome for long.

Let’s thank the designers for the delicacy of healing ancient France by making her meet a woman from the Magdalene Islands. It takes its first name so much that it is called “Jackie and France”, the restaurant she runs in Verdun. What a touching meeting!

Patrice Bellanger, our funniest comedian since Donald Pilon, made the studio laugh when he said of his twins, Sam and Olivier, that the last of them came into the world for “spare parts.” The humor injusticeBut being a twin, I also think my brother was born for parts. Thank you, Patrice, for making me understand the animosity he sometimes holds for me. Having said that, I know he thinks I was born to parts!

Diversity is a priority for Radio Canada, Mohamed, the most popular first name in the world, will definitely be among those chosen by June 9. It is on this date, unfortunately! This would end a program that takes Radio Canada’s diversity to an unprecedented level. Thankfully, there are still thousands of first names to use.

Public television costs us a billion and a half years, but it is “surprising” to see that Radio Canada humbly accepts the broadcast of a series that even community television may hesitate to broadcast on the air!

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