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Brandon Gignac scored an amazing goal (helped the club in the rankings)

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Last night, Laval Rocket hosted the Toronto Marlies in the second match within 24 hours between the two clubs. After losing in overtime to FC Ontario, Jean-François Hall’s men really wanted to win to help themselves in the standings. I will come back to it.

And that’s good: that’s what happened. The Rocket took a 5-4 win over Toronto in overtime, the same result as Wednesday…but with a different winner.

During this game, we can talk about firing Kayden Primo, who saved 30 times to stop the Rocket’s four-game losing streak. By the way, he could go back to Montreal today, but he’ll be in Laval on Saturday anyway.

We could be talking about Xavier Ouellet (three points) or Alex Belzile (the winning goal), but we have to talk about Brandon Gignac.

why? Because he was keen to remember his wonderful goal last night in the third half. Before a long pass from Captain Ole before overcoming a few Torontonians, the puck recovers the ball with one hand and scores goals.

And not only did he record: he deposited the disc where the grandfather hides the nonsense. What a nice goal.

What also impresses me is the fact that the goal was scored midway through the third half when it was 4-3 for Toronto. This ultimately resulted in extra time in the match, which ended 5-4 in Laval’s favour. #clinging

Even the overtime goal was fun.

The confusion of trying to figure out what happened (a target or a post) also adds a bit of charm to the evening, which was very exciting for the fans on site.

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And in the standings, this win was necessary.

why? Because after four losses in a row, it’s time to see the Rocket win the game.

Yes, Laval guarantees the playoffs, but you still have to participate in the playoffs the right way. Yesterday, we learned that the missile is in control of its own destiny, but it needs two wins to help a little. Here is one.

(credit: TheAHL)

How the playoffs work, teams #4 and #5 in the Northern Division will face off on 2 of 3 to see who will have a chance to face the Comets (the top club in the division) in the first round. round. Teams #2 and #3 will meet in the first round and the winners of the first round series will meet next. The first two rounds will be 3 out of 5.

Thus, each division will crown the winner (as was the case last year in the NHL in a different format) and when there are four clubs left in the AHL, there will be 4 of 7 for the rest.

So for the Rocket, it’s important to make sure you don’t get 4th to avoid 2 out of 3, which is a bit like a concept playing in that was established in the NBA during the pandemic.

Losing the Rockets tomorrow and winning the Senators in their last game (tomorrow against Toronto) would take them to fourth. This would force them to (probably) take on Marleys in playing in A first-round encounter against big club Utica will be on the list quickly if they win 2 of 3.

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Obviously, Laval does not want that.

But as I said, the missile has its fate in its own hands. Tomorrow’s victory over Crunch will ensure Laval finishes in the top three and faces, specifically, the crisis in the playoffs in a 3 of 5 in the first round.

There is even a scenario where the Rocket takes second place and has a home ice advantage against Syracuse. Therefore, Crunch should lose tonight against the Penguins and on Saturday Rocket should win the duel between the two teams.

So yeah, when I said that Gignac’s goal (which led to a great team win, we agree) was important, it wasn’t showing off.

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