ColorOS 12 is expected this month

OPPO She just announced good news on her Weibo account, the arrival of ColorOS 12 for this month. A new version will, of course, be based on Android 12 which at the same time should make several noticeable changes.

Google introduced the new version of its platform before the summer, on the occasion of Google I/O 2021.

Completely different from previous versions, this new version is all about customization. It allows users to configure it as they like, according to their tastes.

ColorOS 12 will be released in September

So everything can be customized. Wallpaper of course, but also icons, colors, font and much more.

This idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcustomization, we should also find on board the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but also for all the overlays that exploit the platform.

Will ColorOS 12 play this card too? Very likely, this is even if Oppo has already taken many steps in this direction. The current version of the platform makes it possible to control many parameters. It is also possible to change the size of the icons or hide the name of the shortcuts, all without having to go through a launcher or other similar tools.

Something new is expected on the front

In the same way, it would not be surprising if the brand tweaks certain elements of the interface in order to be compatible with Material You, the new interface for Android 12. An interface based more on flat colors which also brings many structural changes to the command center or notifications.

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However, at this point, Oppo has not made any statements, and therefore it will be necessary to wait for the official presentation of ColorOS 12 to find out what it is. Now this news tells us at least one thing, which is that the final version of Android 12 will be released soon.

It must also be said that Google has restricted updates in recent weeks. And now Android 12 seems to be working fine. Anyway, I didn’t notice the slightest problem with my Pixel 5 test.

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