[CP] Kerbal Space Program Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Kerbonautes, all in your posts!

kirbal satellite program, the highly acclaimed space simulation game from 5 million copies sold worldwide He is 10 years old today!

Enhanced version of Kerbal Space And the Kerbal Space 2 arrive in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S for 39.99 euros. friends Enhanced version of Kerbal Space On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you’ll enjoy a free update to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions | S when it becomes available this fall. The Kerbal Space 2 program is scheduled to be launched on these platforms next year. Read the attached press release for more information.

Today also marks the release of update 1.12 “On Final Approach” for PC, which contains a lot of new features and improvements for the game, including:

  • New tool for creating inter-celestial transport maneuver nodes
  • new mix
  • New parts: fireworks launcher and solar panels
  • Alarm to help players remember important events
  • New Easter eggs are spread all over the solar system waiting to be discovered
  • And more!

This Memorial Week will bring its share of surprises to Kerbal fans, who will discover new merchandise at boutique special sectionContests to participate in and broadcasts provided by Squad developers. Don’t miss the celebrations by following us TwitterAnd the Facebook social networking site and the Forums de KSP.

To celebrate this anniversary, Squad made a special video for the community for KSP’s 10th Anniversary :

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