Début 2022, PUBG: Battlegrounds deviendra is free to play

Cheaper than a chicken bucket

While today Krafton operates the PUBG franchise primarily through mobile devices, original computer version – then it’s worn on the console – the day can go by kind of odd, though Big updates and Normal. after desertion From PUBG LiteCorian’s publisher decided to go there Franco: PUBG: Battlegrounds becomes a free game on PC and consoles starting On January 12, 2022.

Although the time when Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Green nickname I managed to collect no less than 3 million players simultaneously It might sound a long way off, having unleashed on its own a great Battle Royale style that still resonates today, PUBG is still very popular on Steam, occupy regularly Third place in the ranking One of the most played games at the moment.

Suddenly, we wonder why Crafton want to change PUBG Business Model NS du is free to play, but this may allow Battle Royale to return to in front of the stage. Address already provided normal battle card A cosmetic store. With Apex Legends Which is gaining popularity in terms of popularity, it is assumed that it was already It’s time to play PUBG for free.

Today, PUBG offers nothing less than that from 8 cards, huge arsenal and Game mechanics the new which is in stark contrast to The Classic Experience of 2017.

Oh, and also added Crafton Subtitle “Battlegrounds” in PUBG. The full title of Battle Royale is now: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds. Yes, this is stupid.

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