Discord, Spotify, Snapchat and many more are down now!

With concern from Google Cloud, it appears that many services such as Spotify, Snapchat or Discord are no longer available at the moment.

21 Q update: Various services are gradually returning to normal.

You can no longer access your favorite services? Well, this is quite normal since Google Cloud seems to be the reason that popular services like Spotify, Snapchat or even Discord depend on the Google service.

For an hour, many services, such as Displays the DownDetector site, it appears to be unavailable and we do not yet have any information about the reason for this failure on the part of Google Cloud other than the various Tweets from the respective services:

In all cases, the failures follow each other and we can see that this affects a lot of people on Twitter. We will keep track of all this and keep you informed of course…

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