Discover the northernmost island in the world

Coincidentally, scientists have just discovered the northernmost island in the world. It is expanding – at the moment – the territory of Denmark, off the coast of Greenland.

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Discover new island? It wasn’t our intentions.”Polar explorer Morten Rush told Reuters. However, that’s what those Scientists from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) left to collect samples in the far north green land last July. They set foot on a hitherto unknown island. An island that at the same time wins the title of the northernmost island in the world.

Researchers believed that they had landed on Oodaaq Island, which was discovered by the Danish excavation team in 1978. But the checks carried out, now confirm that they visited another island located 780 meters to the northwest. An island they therefore propose to name Qeqertag Avannarleq which means specifically, in Greenland, “Far Island”.

Will it last, won’t it last?

Small island, revealed by displacing ice floe – Not directly related to Global Warming -, it measures 30 meters by 60. Its highest point is 3 or 4 meters above sea ​​level. It is made up of mud from the sea floor as well as cumulus – soil and rock left over from glaciers in the ocean a movement. It is possible that it came to the surface as a result of a great storm, which, with the help of the sea, gradually swept this material from the sea floor until an island was formed.

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This new island is ranked among Small islands Duration from life “, the cars, “No one knows how long it will remain. It could disappear if a new strong storm hits the area.”.

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