Dwayne Johnson discusses his “never fulfilled” dreams of touching his father’s tribute

“The Rock” posted a memorial message to his father, via a video collecting video clips, when the actor was not yet a young American football player.

“Rest in peace, soul man,” and I thank you for those unfulfilled dreams. Dwayne Johnson posted an Instagram post on Saturday to celebrate the memory of his late father. Touching words were written below video compilation videos, when the actor and Hollywood star was not yet a young American football player.

The Rock wrote, before adding: “These days I look at life with deep gratitude, humility, and a little blessing – I’m grateful for those unfulfilled dreams.” When it’s the thing we want the most… sometimes it’s the best thing that ever happened.”

77 this week

Dwayne Johnson said, “I failed to become an NFL player. As complicated as my relationship with my father was, he was the one who trained me to become a professional wrestler. The rest made history.”

The star added, “My father was turning 77 this week. Rest in peace, soul man, and thank you for those unfulfilled dreams.”

Wrestler Rocky “Solman” Johnson passed away on January 15, 2020 at the age of 75. He marked wrestling history by becoming with his partner Tony Atlas the first black wrestler to win the WWF World Championship. He considered in his autobiography that his son Dwayne’s career was the greatest achievement of his life.

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