End-to-end encryption for the group is officially available

End-to-end encryption coming to Messenger groups. Meta has integrated several features to make this more understandable.

Source: dead

Source: dead

last August, dead (which was still called Facebook at the timeAnnounced that its Messenger app will be integrating soon End-to-end encrypted group messaging and calling. It is now over.

employment messenger, when creating a group, you can now click “Start an end-to-end encrypted conversation”. Then the interface will change and you will find yourself in a new conversation.

From what we can see, the groups must have been created after the update for the option you will be presented with. In addition to encryption, you can post ephemeral messages there that are supposed to disappear after a certain time.

Screenshot protection

This is not all. Meta took the opportunity to slightly improve the experience of encrypted conversations. For example, you should receive a notification when someone takes a screenshot of an ephemeral message.

Moreover, so far, talking in end-to-end encrypted mode may have a slightly dry side compared to what we know about classic conversations on Messenger. Animations and reactions are hidden away. Contrary to what one might think, this wasn’t a way of saying “here it’s serious, we’re discussing numbers”, but it was only necessary to give development teams time to integrate it. You will now be able to send encrypted GIFS stickers and reactions.

Another feature that was slightly missing: replies to a specific message were added. The same applies to writing indicators, the ability to forward a message, save a video or photo, or even edit a video before posting it to the group.

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In short, it appears that end-to-end encryption on Messenger has finally reached a satisfactory level of user interaction. I’m not sure there’s anything to get hold of The WhatsApp where Signal With crypto enthusiasts, but the features are there.

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