Facebook is testing adding audio and video calls to its main app – News Feed

According to a Bloomberg report, Facebook begins testing adding audio and video calls to its main app. This functionality is already available on the standalone Messenger app, on the other hand, in 2011, Facebook created the functionality in the initial blue app, which was officially withdrawn in 2014.

Introducing different features

Messenger features like audio and video calls have been added to many Facebook products, including Portal video cameras and Oculus virtual reality headsets. So far, the company hasn’t said yet that it will add Messenger products to Facebook again, as the Messenger product manager said over time, you’ll start to see some.

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In its article, The Verge confirmed that Facebook is in the process of launching audio and video calling testing in various countries such as the United States. The company has not yet mentioned a list of users who see the features and future of standalone Messenger in the future, other than people who are forced to use Messenger to get the full experience.

Somewhat complicated function

Adding audio and video calls to your Facebook app makes as much sense as launching Messenger for the first time. This means that fewer apps have to be changed while doing other things on your computer or phone, but it also shows that you need to interact with Facebook on the go, or at least, that some people just won’t care.

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The Facebook Messenger integration is likely to generate the same criticism as the Messenger and Instagram Direct Message integration. It seems more difficult to beat a company like Facebook, and that may be the goal.

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It’s not even the first suggestion Facebook is considering sending Messenger to Facebook. In 2019, the company launched bringing text chat back to the main app with a dedicated Facebook inbox for Oculus, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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