Facebook launches cloud gaming service on iOS

after shoveling Great Partnership with Microsoft After ditching Mixer, Facebook Gaming continues to develop clandestinely, particularly in the streaming and cloud gaming segment.

At the end of 2020, Facebook significantly signed agreement With several major labels (Universal, Warner, Sony…) in order to allow content creators to distribute music without worrying about copyright. To compete with Twitch and attract streamers, New tools for monetization Also appeared in May 2021.

However, Facebook Games are not just a place to watch other people play video games. It is also possible to enjoy some games directly from your browser. Moreover, some experiences are available Via un service de cloud gaming. The good news, iPhone and iPad users can now take advantage of it.

Facebook Gaming plans to make gains on iOS

after, after Partnership with Ubisoft At the beginning of the month, Facebook took it to a new level by offering its cloud gaming service to people using an Apple smartphone or tablet. As a reminder, implementing a cloud gaming app is simply impossible due to Apple’s rules. Apple’s iPad, in fact, add each game as an app on App Store. For cloud gaming platforms that want to offer hundreds of games, the process is very demanding.

As a result, Facebook had to follow suit google with Stadia and X-Box With xCloud by creating a web app to launch cloud gaming service on iOS. Thus it is necessary to pass next site From a browser to enjoy games on Facebook Gaming. To use it as an app, simply add this web page to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

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In this new catalog you will be able to find many HTML 5 games. At the moment, only the US can take advantage of first cloud gaming experiences such as asphalt 9 where Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion. The service should gradually roll out to other countries.

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