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Finally, it is no longer necessary to keep WhatsApp open to listen to sounds

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WhatsApp for Android has finally acquired a universal audio player that allows you to listen to sounds without staying on the app.

The WhatsApp
WhatsApp logo // Source: Dima Solomin

It must have happened to you before. A friend sends you a voicemail at The WhatsApp (And it’s really a little aggression if you’re listening to music or you’re on public transportation without Helmet or listeners) and realize that the message in question takes 47 minutes and 39 seconds. So you start reading and by reacting close the discussion to respond to 27 more conversations flashing in the notification panel. Failed, you just cut off the reading and just need to find the exact moment of the voice message after it restarts.

But all this is ancient history.

universal audio player

Previously Preview in January on Android And present on PC and iPhone, the universal audio player is finally appearing on WhatsApp beta for Android from version This feature allows you to attach a universal audio player to the app to continue listening to songs no matter the reason and not lose your listening track at the slightest click.

New Voice Note Reader for WhatsApp
WhatsApp’s new voice note reader // Source: WABetaInfo

Even better, this audio player is fully compatible with all audio formats played in WhatsApp, including if they are not directly recorded in the app. This allows you to have more freedom of movement on your phone during conversations if you have received a voice message, for example.

This feature is currently only available in beta version, and this feature will definitely be rolled out in the coming weeks in the latest version of the app.

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