Fortnite: Dark Phoenix (X-Men) skin is now available

Written by Laurent P. Posted on Nov 12, 2021 at 7:09pm

New to Fortnite! After Cable, Domino, Deadpool, or Psylocke, another character from the X-Men comes to tour Epic Games: Dark Phoenix. How can i get it? We are evaluating!

Jean, Gray, the most powerful telekinesis in X-Men (see the universe marvel), landing in It is an electronic game ! Epic Games Now offers you to get a complexion dark phoenix (the “evil” version of the superhero) with a full set of accessories to put you where you are”Fire embodies life‘, struck by a cosmic force that has overtaken her.

While she already possesses telepathic and telepathic powers unparalleled in the universe marvel, the cosmic explosion that affected Jean, Gray during the rescue mission.Set it on a new and unexpected pathThe road that took me to an island. It is an electronic game ! How do you get skin? dark phoenix ? Simply by going to the Item Shop!

Fortnite: Dark Phoenix (X-Men) skin is now availableFortnite: Dark Phoenix (X-Men) skin is now availableFortnite: Dark Phoenix (X-Men) skin is now available

So the leather dark phoenix It will cost you 1500 V-Bucks. This includesPhoenix Force rear attachment and the“Wrath of the Phoenix” loading screen. You can also choose a specific expression, “Phoenix Journey”, NS 300 V-Bucks. What complements your toaster marvel, already with Black WidowAnd Captain MarvelAnd lokiAnd Ant-ManAnd dead list, The Ghost rider or Thor, Doctor Doom, Iron Man And other skins available in the fourth season special marvel.

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