Fred Courant explained the conjunction of Mars and Venus

Culture / The former host of “C’est pas sorcier” on France 3 will be in Saint-Véran on Monday

It’s a very rare sight that the Saint-Véran Observatory invites you to: the conjunction of Mars and Venus on Monday. Photos will be taken and will be broadcast live with many experts. For the occasion, workshops and games as well as round tables will be offered during the day. Fred Courant will attend. The former host of the France 3 program “C’est pas Sorcier” launched an educational medium in 2015 on the site To democratize scientific knowledge. And in the same “spirit”, he will come to Saint-Ferrand to explain and publish the “Clear Sky Encounter” in the company of experts.

Courant, it’s an event to discuss astronomy with the family.

Featured observations of the highest city in Europe while hosting an observatory at 3000 meters above sea level as well as the House of the Sun. Saint-Ferrand, the city that Fred Courant knows so well, ” In the 1990s we did two “C’est pas sorcier” specials in Saint-Véran. At the time, we were already talking about an ecosystem, a biotope. I returned there two years ago to visit the Maison du Soleil. I’ve never been to the observatory so it’s a privilege this year because I’m going to be spending a night there in the stars. “

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