Fujifilm launched both cinematic and digital mirrorless camera

Fujifilm announced in a press release an amazing new camera. The Instax Mini Evo is indeed one of the first unparalleled cameras to position itself between digital and film cameras. The device can actually take the photos of your choice on Instax thumbnails.

But unlike current cameras capable of printing stills, the Instax Mini Evo actually displays Instax film, with a module-based system made up of OLED pixels. The result, in directing, is more natural looking visuals, with a true movie feel.

The Instax Mini Evo is a camera at the crossroads of cinema and digital

Since the photos are printed on Instax film, it takes a long time to appear on the film, as if you had taken the Instax photo with a 100% film camera. More than 100 effects allow you to add a “vintage” touch to your photos. Effects consisting of 10 lens effects and 10 movie effects.

Besides photos that can be taken directly with the camera, you can also transfer files from your smartphone to view your Instax print. Which offers real flexibility, because if someone likes a photo you took with your smartphone, you can instantly pull it up and give it to them. On the film side, Fujifilm currently offers two options.

The camera accepts Fujifilm Instax Mini films, which have a white border, or in a “Stone Gray” version, according to Fujifilm. “With a gray frame suspended in metallic silver for a more luxurious feel.” The cartridges allow you to take a maximum of 10 photos each.

At the time of writing, it was possible to purchase a package of 5 cartridges of 10 Instax Mini in France for about 35 euros. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo will be available in Japan on December 3, 2021. It should arrive in the US and other markets during February 2022 for around $200.

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What do you think of this adorable futuristic mini camera? Do you miss being able to easily take your digital photos to the point of buying such a device? Share your opinion on the topic in the comments on this article!

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