Google will enforce two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an essential way to enhance the security of online accounts. Most services offer to activate this additional protection, which includes verifying their identity in order to make successful contact attempts.

Google is one of the giant companies that has adopted this measure without imposing it on its users. In a blog post published on the occasion of World Password Day, Mountain View is evaluating its security measures and announcing that it will soon introduce double authentication by default.

“We will soon begin automatically enrolling users for two-step verification if their accounts are set up correctly.”Says Mark Reischer, Director of User Security.

“Using their mobile device to log in gives users a more secure authentication experience than passwords alone”, He adds.

Google already offers two-factor authentication enabled

The American giant has allowed for many years to protect its account with two-step verification. The options are numerous with the ability to use ‘prompts’, that is, a push notification that appears on a smartphone or tablet that is already connected to a Google account.

It is also possible to use security keys, SMS verification code, calls, emergency codes, or by using a dedicated app like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you don’t wait and enable two-factor authentication when it’s available.

This method helps protect and preserve your data, even if the credentials are compromised or leaked. The activation from their Google account is done in the part Safety and then Two-step verification.

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To avoid making this extra step tedious, Google is committed to adding advanced hardware security technologies “Transparent multi-factor authentication which is more secure than password”.

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