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Group chat with your friends stuck on Messenger

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Discussion groups between the Instagram and Messenger apps should be available soon. The functions of watching videos are also integrated together.

Instagram: Group chat with your friends stuck on Messengermessenger And Instagram You have just taken a big step towards each other. It will soon be possible to create discussion groups between Messenger and Instagram users. Messenger calling them «Groups across applications».

to remember, Facebook announced the upcoming merger of Instagram and Messenger messages In 2020 already. According to Mark Zuckerberg, 70% of Instagram users eligible for this merger have fallen behind.

but that is not all , Messaging These two services are also similar in terms of the functions they offer. Instagram, for example, sees the possibility of providing polls in its direct messages.

Instagram Video Jobs (rollers And IGTV) Now through the service watch together Prophet.

Facebook wants to reassure

Social networks can be a little intimidating at times, so Facebook wants to reassure. Having the two services together does not mean that anyone can contact you.

“You will maintain the same controls, The social network writes a press release. You decide who can message you, who ends up in your message request folder, and who can’t message or call you. ” Messenger to specify: ” We love adding fun new features, but our top priority is ensuring your security and privacy! “

Three little dots on a boat

Welcome to Messenger: Three little dots now appear when multiple people in the same group are typing at the same time. The purpose of this add-on according to Facebook is simple: “Help make you feel more present in your focus groups.” This will undoubtedly make it possible to avoid boondoggles.

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Instagram: Group chat with your friends stuck on Messenger

Added to this are some options Personalization Plus astrology chart orcottage, an aesthetic based on a portrait of Epinal in the English countryside.

At the time of writing, an official arrival date in France for these various features has not been announced. Only new themes were available on our devices.

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