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His progress will depend on something other than his offensive production

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When we talk about making room for the youngsters in the Canadiens, we seem to focus a lot on the hopes and the people who are on both sides of the Rocket and Canadiens. We are talking about those who will take their first steps with the professionals.

But we must not forget that the development of a man like Nick Suzuki is also necessary for a Canadian.

When we talk about Suzuki, we are talking about CH’s number one position. There is talk of the club’s next great captain, whether he is appointed this summer or over the next few years.

But still: he is barely 23 years old and will continue to develop. And this will be critical if, as he claimed recently, he is to win more matches than expected this year.

But should his development go through an increase in offensive production? Is it only by the number of his points that we can judge whether the young man has progressed?

Not in my eyes.

Yes, of course, his progress will come in part through better offensive production and no, I don’t want to see the score number 14 lower than last year. If it hits the 60 point mark again, I’ll be satisfied.

He had 61 in 82 games last year.

With Martin St. Louis (who produced better under him) for an entire season, would that make a difference? Does playing with confident Cole Caufield early help? maybe yes.

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as they said Max Van Houtte and Kevin Vallée yesterday at BPM SportsIdeally, getting at least 65 points would be great, but there are other things that Suzuki needs to work on.

What will be important is to ensure that Suzuki is able to play well defensively against the opponent’s best elements. As a first, he should be able to do his defensive job well against everyone else.

And unless it’s Patrice Bergeron, his offensive game will suffer. Especially with the defensive recovery which will be less good this year because of the defenders in place.

The young man must advance on the road in particular. After all, we saw that without the latest change on his part, it would be less easy for the midfielder.

There are many aspects to improve, but it is not always easy to identify them in the results sheet.

Is it realistic to see Suzuki improve in all aspects of this game and put more points on the board? Your answer deserves mine because everyone has their own criteria for judging a player’s progress.

For my part, I want to end the year by telling myself that Suzuki is “more difficult to play against” than last year. And if it passes more points, it passes through more points.

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