Huawei announces new smart home devices and upgrades at its Spring Conference

On March 15, Huawei announced at its spring conference that the company will launch a series of new smart home products.

Chinese telecom giant Huawei held its Spring 2022 conference on whole-home solutions in new products. Among the releases, Huawei revealed new models of smart home devices including WiFi cable, smart door locks, Sound Joy portable smart speaker, and various color stands for P50, nova 9 SE, MatePad Paper, Watch 3 and FreeBuds 4E.

The main theme of Huawei’s spring conference focused on the concept of global intelligence when the company also revealed plans to upgrade its whole-home smart operating system. The company has defined a “1 + 2 + N” strategy that achieves full connectivity of smart home devices within every home.

Some of the key features of the Whole Home Smart Host SE include a security interface, a proprietary intercom interface, and an interactive panel interface to handle different home scenarios in a real environment.

Huawei has a forward-looking strategy to improve the interactions between people and products to improve user experience and application efficiency. By allowing users to control the intelligent central system, Huawei’s whole-home intelligent intelligence also facilitates a seamless operating experience for consumers.

To split into different subsystems, Huawei’s whole home smart environment has been completely upgraded to suit different spaces. Functions such as security, lighting, audiovisual entertainment, heating and other home appliances are featured in Ecology, which provides comprehensive service classes for family users.

Going forward, Huawei revealed that the company will also use millimeter wave sensors for human presence in whole-home intelligence to enable devices to track human movements. In this case, this new technology can improve security and speed up standalone applications in different life scenarios.

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