Huawei will finally release HarmonyOS 3.0 in September 2022, and the beta version will be released in May

While it has been rumored to launch in July 2022, it will eventually be necessary to wait until September for Huawei to release HarmonyOS 3.0. In the meantime, the first tests will begin in May. The information comes to us from the roadmap for the coming months that the manufacturer has revealed internally. Huawei Mate 50 is likely to be launched with an early version of the operating system.

A few months after the release of the final version of HarmonyOSusers now expect Update 3.0Which begins to guide the tip of his nose in several leaks. At the beginning of the year, an informant already announced that This will be available from July 2022. Looks like the wait will be a little longer in the end. In fact, according to information obtained by a leak published on Weibo, Huawei is now planning HamonyOS 3.0 published in September.

In fact, the tests that were scheduled to begin in March were It will start in May. At the moment, we do not know the reasons for this delay. However, the leaker tells us that the development of the operating system is almost complete. In addition, it seems that the interface will undergo very few changes. Huawei has already preferred to focus on improve the performance from its operating system.

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Will Huawei Mate 50 release early HarmonyOS 3.0?

This confirms the information obtained in recent weeks. Last October, it was already announced HarmonyOS 3.0 will be faster than MIUI 13 for Xiaomi smartphones. Finally, the leaker mentions better multi-device connectivity that would make the functionality more stable. Be that as it may, this postponement raises the question of which operating system through which Huawei Mate 50.

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the smartphone Those who have been released this yearIt should be released in theory in July. Therefore, it was reasonable to believe that it would be one of the first companies to offer HarmonyOS 3.0 natively to its users. But postponement redistributes the cards. Some informants claim that the smartphone will come out early version for the OS, but it’s still too early to be sure. In fact, the official release date of the latter has not been announced.

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