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In the words and spirit of Catherine Ether

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If there is one quality that Catherine Ether possesses, besides her vitality, it is her versatility. She has appeared on radio, television, and print, and is working on her unreleased debut novel. This diversity is established by the strength of circumstances and its status as an independent factor.

Without wanting it at first, I had to branch out and try new things. I really love jumping into the void. These are the things that keep me alive, no matter how exhausting the risk is. It makes me love my job. I would like to date until I am old.

Catherine Ether

She adds that she does not have the ambition to host a show and that the facts are not a necessary step to do something else. For her, it’s a way to renew herself all the time. Every time it’s a new story. I need that adrenaline. Sometimes, if I stay in the same job, same period of time, same order, I’m afraid it’s too convenient.

Catherine Ether in the studio “Gravel le matin” Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Simon Fabian

However, Catherine Ether also appreciated the stability of the presence of a regular column in pebbles in the morning within three years. It allows you to develop and get to know the people who listen to you well, and the relationship flourishes.

To go into the void Good night!

If the record does not contain secrets of Katherine Ether, do it live on TV Good night! A new challenge. Delivery is different. My radio columns are usually very noisy; Other people don’t have much space to talk. As for the presentation, it is necessary to discuss the matter with the guest. It’s the norm, but very new to me, to be without a net and not comment on my text, but I need those awful moments to produce it.

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Moreover, her first column caused a reaction when she talked about the woman’s age with Marina Orsini. I wanted to talk about my 40th birthday, but people were more sensitive to the fact that I was telling Marina that she was old. Obviously it was a joke and we laughed about it afterwards, but people stopped me in the street to tell me about it. There was something beyond my vertical, and Marina Orsini understood.

Columns with a social flavor

Ecology, feminism, and various social themes are often at the heart of Catherine Ether’s columns. These are my little drives. I am surrounded by educated and committed people who teach me a lot and help me stay informed. I would also like to talk about teachers and nurses, neglected and often women’s jobs.

Obviously, if the columnist likes to make people laugh with purely entertaining moments without a political message, then she thinks she should also use her platform. It is also our duty. I’m also doing good business, but why don’t you use it Brew the apple treepeople and turmoil? It’s also the artists’ job not just to take this space to shine and love.

It is by writing his history in pebbles in the morning They gained self-confidence. Catherine Ether is known for her strong use of words and their reflections when dealing with her subjects.

I bring it my way, people listen to me and accept it more. Since there is a channel, I sometimes use it to say atrocities, to push boundaries, but because it’s there and backed up by some small jokes and lewd pictures, it works.

Catherine Ether

However, she does not always use her words to denounce or point fingers. His most recent column is in Good night!And the Accompanied by André Sauvé, she is more poetic and talks about her watercolors, particularly Jean-Philippe Wauthier’s painting as a bird. She started drawing during the pandemic, but says she’s a really beginner.

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taboo topics?

It is very rare for Catherine Ether to censor herself and not dare to touch on a particular topic, even if it is controversial. However, before talking about something, you should immerse yourself in it by reading about it and talking to the people involved. I’m talking about something when it’s been years since I think I understand and understand the issues, and I have something to say.

Young woman wearing an ocher floral dress on display set and holding a microphone.
Catherine Ethier Photo: Trio orange

Catherine Ethere holds a reserve when she considers that she does not have the legitimacy to bring up a topic. They concern us, but we do not experience their oppression. For example, Black Lives Matters. I prefer to share content with people who are facing these issues. I’m really lucky because I have many forums. I am a woman, and I am oppressed on many levels, but I am also a white woman of privilege.

She feels the same way about issues of First Nations concern, especially all about the discovery of hundreds of children’s graves around former residential schools in recent weeks. We are going through a major crisis, highlighting a genocide. I allow myself to speak of them shyly, little by little, but I find that for the time being, their voice should be heard much more.

written work

Catherine Ether’s chronicles are dense and require good work in writing, but above all, good research. I have a delivery that contains a lot of words. And my mind takes a lot of turns, sometimes out of fear or shyness, she explained.

Picture with a cup.
Catherine Ethere won Olivier for a column in “Gravel le matin” Photo: Radio-Canada/AMELIE GRENIER

However, she writes her scripts at the last minute. It’s not a plan, it’s not particularly fun to implement, because it’s intimidating. I need to be informed, read, watch movies, documentaries and feel well equipped.

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Do you want to build a solo show? Yes, I would very much like that.

Furthermore, she has already participated in Dr Mobilo Aquafest with number one in the first year, and then with an hour-long program titled Sit gently on the sword.

loved it. I like to walk around with a show in small rooms where I can see people. I don’t dream about the Bell Center. I really like theater, and I miss communicating with the audience very much.

Catherine Ether

So Catherine Ether is working on her first novel, the release date of which is not yet known.

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