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Influential Akkadians described vitality as a “bond”

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Professional resignations, accelerated retirement, and the difficulty of attracting Acadian medical students: The four signatories to the letter think so Our healthcare system is our biggest patient and needs urgent care.

Ex Renault Volpi Executive Director In the Vitalité Network, Bernard Richard was the Ombudsman for New Brunswick, and formerly Denis Loser Executive Director d’Assomption Vie and was a provincial minister while Dr. Laplante was a retired physician and treasurer of the Égalité santé en français group.

denounce unhealthy climate

They are particularly harsh with the management of the Vitalité Health Network.

Management seems to underestimate the problem and not see the growing discontent every day.they think.

According to them, management problems contribute to a shortage of employees in the network.

Vitalité must regain its credibility to retain and hire much-needed employees and reconnect with quality.they write.

Dr.. Frans Desrosiers is CEO of the Vitalité Health Network. According to the signatories to the letter, the network’s management should be subject to an independent investigation.

Photo: Radio Canada

In an interview with La matinale, Denis Loser explained that the signers spoke to many of the network’s employees, including nurses and doctors. Tell them that there is an unhealthy work climate in Vitalité.

There is a climate of fear that existsHe said.

According to him, the board of directors is accountable to the population and must address these issues.

What makes the work climate so unhealthy? Does the council take the situation seriously? We are not sure. »

Quote from Dennis Loser, site

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced the appointment of a new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vitalité, Moncton’s attorney Mathieu Picard.

To conduct an external investigation

The signatories to the letter consider this to good for everyoneAn independent external investigation is required. According to them, such an investigation would be a first step towards transparency when The current opacity poses a real danger to our health system.

They also suggest that the board set up a 1-800 line so that network employees can confidentially share their concerns.

Mr. Lussier recalls that the network is a major employer with 9,000 employees and that in the private sector, a company of similar size would have a mechanism for evaluating its executives.

Dennis Loser says he has discussed the matter with several doctors who fear conviction from his employer (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada

There does not appear to be any performance indicators. There is a need to evaluate human resource management practicesthought Mr. Lussier.

fusion weapons

According to the message published in Acadie Nouvelle, there are risks in not solving problems within the network.

Vital, by its apparent inability to efficiently manage our network, particularly its human resources, tacitly gives the government the pretext it needs to integrate with Horizon-Can we read?

This idea appears from time to time in the news. Recently, former New Brunswick People’s Alliance leader, current Conservative MP Chris Austin, wanted to discuss the idea at his party’s caucus, but the proposal was quickly rejected by leader Blaine Higgs.

After all, Denis Loser fears the Acadians will lose some gains in the wake of the healthcare crisis.

Everyone needs a hospital system. We, Acadians, have long worked to have a network that delivers quality services, and currently cannot afford to lose those services we have fought for for the past 50 years.he regrets.

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Radio Canada has asked Vitalité Health Network officials to respond to this message, but we have not received a response at this time.

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