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IOC president “disturbed” by Valeeva’s performance and criticizes his entourage

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As Bach said at a press conference in Beijing that he did not a lot of confidence In the entourage of Camila Valeeva, she especially regretted her coldness and attitude towards the skater after the competition.

I was very confused yesterday when I watched on TV (free ice skating programme). I watched a show where we saw the pressure on his shoulders. My profession makes me know what the pressure is, but this was beyond what I could imaginedid he say.

It was hard watching her break on the ice and cry and try to finish her show. In every movement, his body language, you can see the tremendous pressureThe President of the Olympic Committee continued. She would definitely prefer to leave the ice and leave everything behind.

And how those around her greeted her as they came out of the ice… It was freezing instead of trying to help and calm her. We felt the distance. Interpreting her body language [de son entraîneuse, NDLR], was reluctant. How can you be so cool with your athlete? lamented Bach.

It doesn’t give me confidence in his surroundings, no matter what might happen, or will happen in the future, how (it is possible) to treat a 15-year-old athlete like thishe added.

Valeeva was overtaken on the ice on Thursday by the issue dominating the 2022 Olympics. In the lead after the short program, she missed her completely free program with several falls and falls. fourth place.

She left the ice crying, and her coach was scolding her for her performance.

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She was temporarily suspended on February 8 by Russia’s Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) for a positive test for trimetazidine, whose result fell the day after her team event win with the Republic of China.

This product, which is used to relieve angina, has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since 2014, because it boosts circulation.

If this control was carried out on the sidelines of the championship of Russia at the end of December, then the Valeeva affair broadcasts the Olympic Games. The day after the notification of her positive test, Valeeva obtained the lifting of her suspension, Decision confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Only 24 hours before his short programme.

The question of those around her is very important, because (Valieva) is a minor and we need to tell how she can have products in her body that should not be.remember Mr. Bach.

According to my experience in cases of doping that I have had to address, when doping is present it is rarely done alonehe insisted.

This case also raises the question about the age of the runners, who are often minors in figure skating: Should a minimum age be set? We will start discussions on this question, we should think about it calmly with the World Anti-Doping Agency on the one hand and the international associations to see if there is a need for regulation.Thomas Bach said.

At the moment, the most pressing question in the eyes of the President of the International Olympic Committee concerns Camila Valeeva and her entourage. All the light will go out and we will not hesitate to take all necessary measures, even the strongest.is done.

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