iPhone: Apple will test models with a USB-C port

Apple will test new iPhone models with USB-C connectors, replacing the secured Lightning port, which has been on the brand’s cellphones since 2012.

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At least that’s what the sources say. Bloombergwhich also specifies that an adapter that allows the use of existing Lightning accessories on new USB-C devices will also be in the works.

However, we shouldn’t expect a USB-C iPhone this fall, says journalist Mark Gorman. The change in conductor type will not happen before 2023, at the earliest. In doing so, this year’s various iPhone 14 models should retain the Lightning port.

One thing is for sure, it was, for various reasons, a predictable transition, even if Apple was still far from giving up the popular Lightning connector, which took over the 30-pin iPod port a while ago. .

For example, the majority of iPads sold by Apple today use a USB-C port, as do Mac computers, which have used the universal protocol for several years. In addition, the European Union also voted in late April in favor of new rules that require manufacturers to equip any mobile device with a USB-C connector. The bill has not yet been finalized, but everything indicates that it will eventually be adopted.

In short, all the reasons why Apple might move soon. Especially since, in general, it must be said that many people will be happy to finally be able to use a single cable to charge all their mobile devices.

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Having said that, you should take these echoes with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to Apple. But hey, let’s say, this time, the stars look balanced for changing the port on the iPhone side.

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