iPhone: Apple worked on the “nano” model

Thanks to an internal and confidential email signed by Steve Jobs, we learned the true existence of the nano-model of the popular smartphone of the Apple brand.

During the 2000s, there were many rumors of a nano model, because the 3.5-inch size of iPhones was not unanimous among consumers. After 10 years, these rumors turned out to be justified.

Apple vs. Epic Games

Indeed, during the lawsuit in which Apple opposed Epic Games, the two companies had to publish internal but above all confidential correspondence. An email from Steve Jobs on October 24, 2010, formalizing the presence of a nano model in Apple’s boxes. Describes in the list an upcoming strategic meeting. One of the topics under discussion is the iPhone nano; Builder leaders will raise the issue of cost, and they will admire the work that “Johnny” (Johnny Ive sure) has done. Along with this nano model, we also note the “low-cost” iPhone project.

credit: edge


If you need proof that Apple has been in business for several years, here’s one. Three months after the launch of the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs was already planning the iPhone 4 Verizon, which would be announced in early 2011, the iPhone 4 “plus”, which would become the iPhone 4S and would arrive in October 2011 and the iPhone 5, launched in 2012 .

Today it is interesting to imagine and ask the following question: what would the iPhone nano look like in 2011/2012?

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