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It honors Zichi’s past and leaves her facts

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The end of the African Cup of Nations qualifiers was an opportunity National coach To speak out about the situation at the head of the Algerian football governing bodies.

Without surprise Jamal Belmadi He paid tribute to the outgoing president of the Algerian Football Federation, Khairuddin Zichi.

« He has fulfilled all of his obligations, he deserves to be released with the honor he deserves “The coach said Verts In a press conference after the match in which a large number of players won Monday night against Botswana (5-0).

After a long period Hand of iron With the Minister of Youth and Sports Sidali Al-Khalidi, who opposed amending the articles of association of the waffle, the president of the latter threw the towel and announced that he would not run for a second term.

This was confirmed by Belmadi during his press conference.

« It seems that the page will turn, however, to change the president of the federation, which we do not have much to say, there is a whole organization, future elections », Announces Balmadi, which makes Zichi’s departure semi-official.

In recent weeks, several commentators have linked the coach’s future to that of the president of the federation.

More clearly, Jamal Belmadi is credited with leaving in the wake of Khairuddin Zichi.

What the coach officially denied even before the Monday night conference.

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« I am involved in a project with my country, and it is not just a beauty project but my past. We have a joint venture, and I’m just part of the project. Around that, there are players and an environment that should be as healthy and clean as possible. But we see that this is not the case Last Friday, he said on his return from Zambia where the EN team just tied (3-3) with the local team, and is still in the African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

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He does not deny that he met. ” Higher authorities »

The rumor of Belmadi’s departure appears to have been taken very seriously at high places.

And specialized sites revealed that the coach was received face to face by the head of state in person.

He was asked the question during a conference Monday night, and he did not deny, at the very least, that such a meeting had taken place. His answer is a bit vague.

« I don’t know if this is the most important. Even if I did, even if I met higher authorities, not much would change. With all due respect, of course, that doesn’t change much in my vision of my work and my presence in the national team. Back in the past.

The same sources went even further by reporting that, during this meeting, the Greens’ coach would have rejected his speech. Preferences »Quoting from some of the names he was seeing at the head of the Algerian Football Federation, including the name of the former captain of the English army, Antar Yahya.

But in this regard, he did not enlighten public opinion during the Monday night conference.

Another proof of our interest in the national team in the top positions, the President of the Republic tweeted immediately after the match against Botswana was over to congratulate the players and Jamal Belmadi.

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« Thanks to the national team for this distinguished journey in the African Cup qualifiers, and this achievement from 24 consecutive matches without defeat under the leadership of the valiant coach Jamal Belmadi. Best wishes for success in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, we are all behind you, heroes », Abdul Majeed Tebboune wrote.

Some have noted that in the president’s message, there is no word for the president of the federation.

« Zetchi kept all of its commitments »

However, as for Balmadi, Zichi “ It has the same benefits as different players and teams What has been achieved, including the African Nations Cup, which won in July 2019 in Egypt.

The coach even hints that thanks to the presence of a man like Zitch at the head of the FA, he is the Greens’ coach.

« The day we met, in August 2018, we had a very long discussion, especially about my vision for work and career. This meeting was crucial, because this is where it all began or not. Because if we hadn’t reached an agreement on the process, things would have been very clear and I probably wouldn’t be at the helm of the national team today. “He reassured his past.

His appreciation for Zichi is complete, and he says so clearly: If I had to say two words about the president, I could say in front of men and before God that he is someone who has fulfilled his promises and commitments. We were on the same wavelength and above all, and that is what I appreciate about Mr. Zichi, it is the fact that he has fulfilled his obligations. It would take a long time to get into the details, but it turns out that with this commitments and this process, we won the African Cup and this team is constantly improving. ».

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After the match, he took the initiative with the players to hold a small party in honor of the outgoing president of the federation.

« Players ask themselves questions »

Logically, Belmadi was asked about his fears for the future, now that he learns that in a few weeks there will be another president and another federal office.

« I hope we are on the same wave as we were with Mr. Zichi (…) I hope that the next Federal Office will continue to operate as we have done until now. He said.

Jamal Belmadi also emphasized that the players are not insensitive to everything that has happened in recent weeks and that they also want to continue working under the same conditions.

« I wouldn’t say we weren’t focused, but the players sure were wondering. Some said that the players and coaches are on one side and Al Ittihad on the other. Those who say either they do not know the job or are dishonest. Because it is not like that. To be comfortable, we need people, an organization. I’m just a coach, players just play, but they need a whole organization around them. That’s why players are asking questions. They want there to always be a good organization in the future. They don’t want to change anything about calm, fullness, and work in the best of circumstances. “, He said. The message is clear.

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