JBL Quantum 610 Gaming Headset Under 120€

At Darty, the JBL Quantum 610 gaming headset costs €119.99 instead of €149.99.

For gamers who are looking for a headset but on a small budget, here is a good plan that should interest you. In fact, it is always better to wait for good discounts to save money. Currently, in my house, The JBL quantum 610 headphones are offered at €119.99 instead of €149.99.

JBL Quantum 610 gaming headset costs €119.99

For less than 120 euros, you will be able to purchase the JBL Quantum 610 gaming headset from Darty. However, before confirming your order, you definitely want to know more details about the specific characteristics of the product in question.

Thanks to JBL QuantumSurround and DTS technology, you will be completely immersed in your video game and not the slightest noise from your opponent will escape you. The strong point is without the helmet comfort context, in fact, thanks to the leather-wrapped memory foam pads, you can keep the helmet on for hours without feeling any discomfort. In terms of independence, the brand advertises a 40-hour costume, which is more than the correct duration.

Above all, don’t waste too much time because the stocks will definitely go very fast in Darty.

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