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Light of Death 2: Techland brise le silence

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Zombie game evolution Death light 2 It is noisy to say the least.

Announced at E3 2018, Techland’s built FPS looks damned.

In January 2020, Techland announced an important deadline, as the team needed more time to create this sequel.

In June 2020, lead writer Chris Avillon was charged with sexual misconduct. Shortly thereafter, Techland terminated his contract by mutual agreement.

Since then, the radio surrounding the Dying Light 2 production has been silent … until today.

In a new video shared on Youtube (see below), some Techland developers are interacting with the numerous comments posted about the game.

Often the unpleasant comments that require the imminent launch of Dying Light 2 in order to avoid the spell in Dead Island 2For example.

This is Techland’s message to all of those awaiting the release of this new edition:

“We understand that you are interested in the game because you want Dying Light 2 to live up to your expectations. And you might be impatient. Because you waited too long for an update on this.”

“This is a huge and complex project. We needed time to make sure that he was loyal to our vision. We put our hearts and souls into introducing a game that you’ll be playing for months to come. We’ll be ready to discuss Dying Light 2 soon.”

“The whole team needs your support and your trust, because that’s our motivation. Especially when the circumstances are tough for everyone. We are proud to have loyal fans like you, no matter how you express your feelings. And just for you, here’s a short piece of things to come. Please.” Wait a little and be careful. Thank you. “

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The new clip is about 20 seconds long and will end on 2021. Maybe this year’s release of Dying Light 2? The last I heard, it was under development on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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