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Meet Quebec in January: Gary Bateman said he’s happy and in a listening position

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Palm Beach | There will already be a meeting between the Quebec government and Gary Bateman in January. However, the Commissioner seemed unclear as to the substance of the upcoming discussions and even who would be his interlocutor.

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Quebec was clearly not on the agenda, but questions about a possible meeting between the league and Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard have become inevitable in light of the echoes of recent weeks.

If confirmed that said meeting would take place, the NHL senior president seemed somewhat messy for that purpose. Suppose his answer contrasts with his usual accuracy and increased attention to detail.

I think I have a meeting with the Prime Minister. If I am wrong, I apologize to the Minister. I don’t remember the date and I don’t know the details of what they want to tell me. “I am always happy when a political leader wants to meet me,” Bateman said.

I don’t know what (the government’s) expectations are and that’s the reason for the meeting. Don’t try to infer anything. after l MeetingAnd I’d be happy to tell you what happened and what didn’t.”

always careful

When the Nordic case returns to Earth, Gary Bateman is very wary. As a fox, he has become an expert in not closing the door completely, but without raising hope.

“The problem is still the same. Do we have a team that wants to move? At present, that is not the case. Do we want to do another expansion? As we speak, we do not have that desire. I will attend this meeting and I am happy to hear what the Quebec government has to tell me “, He said.

When the commissioner was asked if he was closing the door to another expansion of the track’s staff after the recent arrivals of Las Vegas and Seattle, he used the same approach.

“I’m always open minded to everything. We’ll see what comes out of this meeting. I’m not going to speculate and I hope you don’t speculate either.”

No problem in Arizona…

While Bettman continues to ensure that no team is likely to move,

New twists and turns surrounding Arizona Coyotes, who are overdue on 1.3 million payments, are occurring in Quebec.

However, coyotes will not go to Quebec, nor to Houston, nor to Timbuktu, assures the commissioner, who believes that the new arena project in Tempe will come true.

“Alex Merueloa (owner) has the resources and the wolves are not going anywhere. They won’t stay in Glendale, but they won’t leave Arizona. No problem. It’s clear that the city of Glendale has an agenda in the way it deals with the team.”

Bateman said he was not surprised that the issue of the Nordic virtual returns was constantly bouncing back in the news in Quebec.

“I know the fans in Quebec are excited, no doubt. Looking back in time, Nordiques left because there was no hope for a new track and because no one wanted to own a team in Quebec.

“Maybe things have changed. I will listen and we will see what that means in the overall picture.”

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