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Meta Quest 2: A helmet should have a long life

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Jillian Castillo
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No Quest 2 It will not be replaced by The project CambriaAnyway, not for long. although Quest 1 It tends to fall into the background with a wave of titles dedicated exclusively to the latest deadWe had the right to ask ourselves what the future would be Quest 2Released a year ago.

John Carmack is reassuring about this. the Quest 2 It will continue to exist for a long time to attract more and more people to it the metaverse. The new helmet from dead, called “Project Cambria”, is not intended to replace it, but rather to live with it.

Project Cambria Is a separate helmet, which in view of technological progress will not play in the same stadium as dead SearchWhether on the axis of the tariff or on the target audience. This will be tomorrow’s show for metaverse From dead.

We’ve seen major software updates over the past year that have continued to improve the consumer experience in Quest 2, and we’ve even previewed the next generation of all-in-one virtual reality hardware, Project Cambria. , which will launch next year, along with some of our early research on VR displays with Retina resolution (more to come). There are more people in VR now than ever before, and we want to give them the opportunity to have fun with friends, work, share ideas with colleagues, play games and feel connected. We’re already doing this with Quest 2, and next year we’ll be working on cutting edge technology while unlocking new use cases with advanced technology and lessons from Quest 2 that will take shape with Cambria. It won’t be a replacement for Quest 2, but it will be another step closer to the metaverse — and it will mark a step forward on VR’s path to becoming a public computing platform.

If you haven’t taken the initiative yet, you can treat yourself with a Meta Quest 2 in home Boulanger, the FnakAnd Dart where Amazon for 349.99 euros.

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