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Mike Hoffman could start the season well as a striker 13 or 14

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The start of the 2022-23 season is approaching, and fans across the National Hockey League have been drawn to anticipating what their favorite team’s roster might look like in the regular season opener.

These are always interesting and exciting predictions to make.

They are even more this year for Montreal Canadiens supporters.

In fact, despite the team’s extremely low expectations this season, fans are eager to see the various new Habs players in action.

CH will most likely be at the bottom of the rankings, but at least fans will be able to analyze and monitor the many new players.

What makes it even more exciting is that these new players will be fighting for a place on the roster just like the players who were there last year.

Therefore, some players will be excluded or included in the additions at the beginning of the season.

So there will definitely be turnover so that everyone plays at some point during the season.

However, it will be very interesting to see who will start the season and who will be placed in the stands.

In the predictions for the start of the season by La Presse journalist Matthias Brunet, we note that Mike Hoffmann is the striker, and thus is positioned as the thirteenth striker.

This is surprising, but also possible.

Hoffman was one of the many players who disappointed last season.

Admittedly, the entire team looked bad, but Hoffman has struggled in particular throughout the season.

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His lack of intensity sometimes made him invisible in some matches, which greatly affected his production.

He can collect himself well this season, but his place in the squad at the start of the season as well as for the full season is by no means guaranteed.

With all the new players, if Hoffman doesn’t put in a performance, he could start the season well in the stands, or else he’ll be sent there later in the season.

In short, it is clear that Hoffman will have to stand out during training camp as well as during pre-season games in order to prove that he deserves to be part of CH’s roster at the start of the season.

Here are Mathias Brunet’s full predictions.


Slavkovsky Suzuki Caufield
Darwin Dash Anderson
Dadonov Dvorak Gallagher
Betlake Evans Jeremiah

Extras: Hoffmann, Peseta

List of injured Monahan and Byron


Edmundson Barron
Guhle Savard
Matheson Weidman

Extra: Harris



to know more, I quote Mathias Brunet’s article from La Press here.

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