Mimic an insect to repel a predator

It will be the first time that we are observing a mammal that is able to imitate the bzz-bzz of an insect in this way, according to Italian researchers who have Post their feedback May 9 in review current biology. In this case, the buzz resembles the sound of wasps. This type of behavior intended to scare a predator away has only been noticed so far. in insectswho are trying to protect themselves by imitating the most dangerous species.

Because this is the first research of its kind, remains to be seen If the success of the “strategy” does not depend on the age of the owl – perhaps the most experienced will have understood the trick. The study focused on Big mouse-eared bat (Myots Myots), a European species of bat, but there is no reason why other species that also share their ecosystem with owls or owls cannot have the same talent for imitation. Especially when you consider that these birds are in the wild Avoid large insects.

and researchers They are already talking To check if imitation also succeeds in deceiving other birds who also do not like to be bitten …

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