Monster Hunter Rise: A Volleyball Manga Haikyu Collab!! ?

Haikyuu has kept a low profile since the end of the paper manga, but that doesn’t mean its stars have remained in the shadows. Hinata and Kageyama continue to impress fans ahead of the new season of the anime. And now the friends are teaming up with Monster Hunter in a wild mix.

The mockup was released in Japan, as you can see below. It turns out Haikyuu and Monster Hunter are about to collaborate, thanks to Capcom. The game developer is set to host a special café in Tokyo that will bring Haikyuu to the world of Monster Hunter Rise.

So yes, you will see Hinata deal with some monsters during this event. As you can imagine, fans can’t wait for this cafe to open to see what its menu has to offer. For now, fans can only get ready by trying out Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch. You can also enjoy all seasons of Haikyuu on Crunchyroll right now, its official synopsis can be found below:

Haikyu is a sports anime that revolves around Shoyo Hinata’s love for volleyball. Inspired by a short professional volleyball player, Hinata starts a volleyball team in her final year of middle school. Unfortunately, the team opposes the “King of the Court” team Tobio Kageyama in its first tournament and inevitably loses. After this crushing defeat, Hinata swears to bypass Kageyama. Upon entering high school, Hinata joins the volleyball team but finds that Tobio has also joined her.

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