New gameplay video for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires

I bring you a new gameplay video for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires filmed during the ChinaJoy 2021 Show taking place this week.

Combine frantic work for 1 vs. 1000, which is well marked warrior dynasty, With the addition of strategic items and controllers, DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 EMPIRES It sets players on a mission to conquer ancient China. Players will have to use their strength and tricks to achieve their ends. Look for powerful battles to deploy units and thus capture strategic points of the map like castles. Live intense battles by controlling these central points of the battlefield with fire attacks and other strategies, but also with siege weapons, or simply by force! During the skirmish, your commanders will implement their strategy and attack the enemy forces by giving orders to the different units.

The character editor mode has also been enriched and allows players to create their dream officer and interact with the heroes of ancient China. Players will be able to live the life of an officer, rule as a tolerant ruler, or on the contrary act cruelly like a tyrant. Help create a larger-than-life and more fulfilling world for the Three Kingdoms with ever-changing human relationships, as well as dramatic events where personal relationships will have a greater impact on gameplay than ever before.

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