Niantic wants to encourage you to play outside again

Special rewards are coming soon and will be available for a limited time this summer. This will be an opportunity to sunbathe on the road.

While the health situation appears to be improving around the world, particularly thanks to the vaccination available in many countries, governments have lifted most travel restrictions. in this context, Niantic It intends to make a number of additional changes aimed at encouraging players to Pokemon Go To go outdoors to advance.

In fact, while that was the game’s primary goal, Niantic had to discontinue some of its standards aimed at getting its players out and conditioning others while residents had to stay home for months on end. For over a year, players have been able to attract Pokémon directly to their locations and have been able to interact with PokéStops more easily, among other facilities. All this should be gone after Pokemon Go FestIt will be held on the 17th and 18th of July.

Back to normal but better

The studio intends to reduce the rewards related to the lack of navigation, while re-implementing the default parameters of the application. From the end of July until 1he is In September, Niantic also plans to boost overseas participation with several rewards. However, the nature of these rewards has not been reported at this time.

« As we return to the outside world again, these changes aim to put Pokémon Go’s focus back on real-world movement and exploration. These changes will be introduced slowly and carefully to make exploring the world around you more exciting. ».

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As for the ranged raids, they have been maintained until further notice, and Niantic is already announcing that they are working on a way to improve them. The same goes for the remote fencing feature that allows you to challenge other trainers without having to get close to them.

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