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Nostalgia and Disappointment: The Return of the Zellers . Brand

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Many patrons who walked the bay felt nostalgic upon seeing the familiar Zellers’ posters.

For Burlington-based N’gaire Lynn, the brand’s comeback comes with nostalgia.

I couldn’t wait for the Zellers to come back. When I arrived, I was very disappointed.

Quote from:Nger Lynn, a Burlington resident

I used to buy a lot of things from Zellers when it was open in the past. When I heard they were adding a Zellers section, I called all my friends to tell them Zellers are back! Mrs. Lynn shares.

And that’s exactly what the Hudson’s Bay Company wanted.

We want to evoke a nostalgic experience for our customers thanks to this recognized brand, Company spokesperson, Tiffany Bure, explains via email.

Once he got there, N’gaire Lynn was less than excited.

The Zellers section of The Bay in Burlington has several bed and towel options, but the prices are similar to those in The Bay.

Photo: Radio Canada / Philippe de Montaigne

It’s not Zellers. This is a used section of La Baie. I will not postpone Says.

Another customer, knowing the Zellers is back through social media, was very excited to see the new Zellers. But she soon found out that it wasn’t quite up to her.

She went in and out almost immediately. I was very disappointed.

The Zellers brand The Bay department store is hidden in a corner of the store, next to a broken escalator. The department is different from the standalone Zeller stores, which were in Canada until the early 2000s.

In this section of the store there are clothes with the Canada logo in red and white. There are also glasses of wine, sheets and children’s toys.

As for the prices, they were similar to those at nearby La Baie stores, such as the Sherway Gardens Mall in Toronto that doesn’t have a Zellers section.

Nostalgia, a marketing strategy

Janice Rudkowski, Ryerson University associate professor of retail management, notes that Hudson’s Bay might want to see how customers are interacting with this initiative in Burlington.

Perhaps this will give The Bay some insight into the investments they want to make in the future when it comes to the Zellers brand.Janis Rudkowski explains.

The company also announced that Zeller sections could be set up in other La Baie stores.

Nostalgia can be very powerful, especially for childhood memories.

Quote from:Janis Rudkowski, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University

Janice Rudkowski also noted that the Zellers brand still resonates with Canadians, so nostalgia would be a good idea.

I’m sure many people think of their childhood and remember Zellers as an important part of their childhood, so it appeals to nostalgia, Says.

Trademark issues

Zellers point of sale pop-up launched months after Hudson’s Bay branding of Zellers name and logo was removed from its intellectual property database (A new window) from the federal government.

Government records show that the Trademark Office sent the company a trademark renewal notice in December 2019. Several months later, the trademark was cross off Because No renewal.

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According to Julie MacDonell, a trademark attorney, this indicates that trademark registration no longer exists.

Julie McDonnell Sorrett.

Julie McDonnell is a trademark attorney.

Photo: Julie McDonnell

Therefore, if this happens, you are, from a registration perspective, not a recognized owner of the brand element, name, logo or slogan.McDonnell says.

Then, the Intellectual Property Database reports that a new application to register the Zellers name and logo was filed in April 2021 by Zellers company, It is located in La Trinitée-Des-Monts in Quebec.

The spokesperson said the new Zellers trademark claim is not affiliated with Hudson’s Bay. Tiffany Bury claims that the company owns all registered and unregistered rights to the trademark.

Hudson’s Bay filed a new trademark application for Zellers on June 30, 2021.

Hudson Bay is investigating the unauthorized use, or attempted use, of any Zellers trademark. We are ready to take decisive action if necessary to avoid confusion among customers regarding our Zellers brand, Tiffany Bure Books.

The clothes in front of the La Baie poster.

The Zellers division of La Baie in Burlington appeared a few months after the Canadian store filed a new trademark application for Zellers.

Photo: Radio Canada / Philippe de Montaigne

CBC/Radio-Canada has been unable to contact the brand’s new presenter, Zellers. The phone numbers associated with the address were out of service.

For Julie McDonnell, the Zellers brand would be difficult to acquire.

This is a brand with a good reputation, as well as great profits, so it can not really be used to start a new business, Emphasizes.

Hudson’s Bay’s new application and registration application for Quebec Zellers Inc. In progress and not yet appointed to government auditors.

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With information from Anis Heydari and Philippe de Montaigne

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