Not-So-Obvious But Workable Tips on How to Make A Kitchen Look Clean And Tidy

When the kitchen is clean, it seems that the whole house is clean and shiny (even if it’s actually not). It happens probably because we all spend lots of time in the kitchen (or because a kitchen is a part of living space), so any mess we observe here makes us feel nervous and uncomfortable. 

The good news is, regular daily cleaning can take around 20 minutes and make the space look tidy and cool. We don’t mean the deep-dive process that can take up to a day (or two) when you scrub the insides of the oven and microwave, polish cabinets and the fridge, and clean spaces between the floor tiles. We mean the regular ‘wash the dishes and declutter the countertop’ process that nevertheless brings good results and tons of satisfaction. 

This cleaning process should not take more than 20 minutes (without supplies gathering). If you do not have time or energy to deal with it – or with any other kind of cleaning – just reach out to professionals at and excellent cleaning services in Toronto at a very reasonable price.

But if you are ready to devote some time daily to this necessary task, here’s a list of tips and simple rules to follow to make everything as easy as possible. 

Some Tips to Take Note Of

– Teach family members (except pets) to scrub, rinse and wash dishes after they’ve had their meals. If you do not trust their washing skills yet, train them to rinse plates and cups. Dishwashing will take less time and effort in this case.

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– Involve household members in the cleaning process. Every pair of hands – and legs – matters. Distribute tasks and praise the work dutifully done.

– Gather all the supplies before cleaning. It saves time and prevents distraction from the task. If you lack something, skip the step and make a note to buy the supply for the next cleaning.

– Work in gloves and protective gear, even if it’s only an apron and a bandana.

– Choose eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions and agents, if possible.

Step-by-step Cleaning Process

  1. Fill the sink with hot water, add dish soap and soak the dishes, cups, pans, etc. If big utensils don’t fit in, fill them with water and put them on the countertop near the sink.
  2. If you plan to put everything into the dishwasher, scrub the remaining food from plates, set the dishwasher, and choose the soaking regime if dishes have dried food on them.
  3. When you have removed dishes from the kitchen tops, you can clean these tops and surfaces. Take all things that should not be in the kitchen and put them into a basket or a bag (temporarily). Ask someone to put all these things into their places or put the basket aside for now.
  4. Remove the trash and crumbles from the kitchen tops and the table.
  5. Put all things that belong to the kitchen into their dedicated spaces. Don’t start to empty and sort out the contents of cabinets and cupboards. Just put everything away from surfaces and into their places.
  6. If the soaking mode of the dishwasher is over, set the regular washing cycle. If you plan to wash by hand, it’s time to do it now. Or else, ask someone to wash the dishes while you clean the surfaces.
  7. Wipe the kitchen tops and the table clean. Wipe the fridge, and the microwave doors, if you think it necessary.
  8. If the dishes are done, rinse the sink.
  9. Sweep or mop the floor (whatever you regularly do).
  10. Take away the trash and hang out the fresh kitchen towels, if it’s time to do it.
  11. Pat yourself – and your family team – on the back. Well done!
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