One of the main developers of Dead Space 2 is working on the new version

After what seemed like years of rumors, EA finally announced that a remake of the first Dead Space game was in production exclusively for next-generation consoles and PCs. The remake of Dead Space is currently being made by developer Star Wars: Squadrons Motive, and it’s new to the series – but it looks like a key member of the Dead Space 2 cast has joined them.

Since the original Dead Space team from Visceral Games was shut down by EA in 2017, the remake is being managed by a new team from Motive. In a new “Team Meet” article published by EA, several remake developers spoke about their experiences with Dead Space, including Artistic Director Michael Yazejian. As he recalls, “I remember having enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to end it.”

Yazijian also played the same role in Motive’s Star Wars: Squadrons and WB Montreal’s Batman: Arkham Origins – but more importantly, he was also the Artistic Director of Dead Space 2 at Visceral’s Montreal studio. This gives Yazijian “a unique perspective on the remake,” according to EA, with ideas from the sequel that will be used to create the new game.

As the new release approaches, Yazijian has taken out his old notebooks for Dead Space, which he says are “really useful, as you see all the notes in the sequel.” These notes include “Concept Art, Visual Instructions, Source Documents, Conversation Notes [the Montreal studio] It was with [Visceral Redwood]And the knowledge they gained – it’s all there. Everything happens in this game.

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However, Yazygian says the main source of inspiration remains “the original vision of Dead Space. We make sure that we follow the story, the art direction, and everything, in respect of the original game. It looks like the team will even include content that has been clipped to the original, which has been removed due to technical limitations or for other reasons.

Dead Space is still one of the best horror games on PC and the sequel is great, so we hope Michael Yazijian’s experience will make the remake even better.

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