Parker Solar hits the sun for the ninth time

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has approached the sun again. This is the ninth time it has come close to our star, equaling its current records. Parker Solar Probe remains the first spacecraft to get very close to the Sun.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, which launched in August 2018, has a specific goal. You should get as close as possible to the sun to study it. The last year, Parker Solar Probe had just set two records. C’esThe first spacecraft to approach the sun at such high speed. The probe has once again equaled those records by combing it against the Sun for the ninth time since its launch.

Parker Solar Probe – Credit: NASA

Parker Solar Probe is only approaching 10.4 million km from the surface of the sun Yesterday, Monday, August 9th at 9:10 pm, France time. I went to 532000 km/h in front of our star.

Parker Solar Probe is getting closer to the sun

By approaching the Sun in this way, NASA’s probe aims to identify two things. On the one hand, you must specify the reason The sun’s atmosphere is warmer than the surface Thousands of degrees of difference. On the other hand, the Parker Solar Probe should discover the origin of the solar wind.

Scientist Noor Al-Rawafi who works on the Parker Solar Probe mission at Johns Hopkins University explained: We’re entering the critical phase of Parker’s mission and we’re focused on a lot of things during this meeting “. In fact, The twenty-fifth solar cycle starts from 2020 to 2025. This means that solar activity is more intense, allowing the NASA probe to take better measurements.

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Moreover, the Parker Solar Probe is not only used to study the Sun. In fact, it also passes Close to Venus to adjust its orbit Thanks to the gravity of the planet. Just a few months ago Parker Solar Probe took a stunning picture of Venus It is preparing to pass near the sun again. In October, the probe will approach Venus for the fifth time. Then other two distillers were planned before The end of his mission in 2025. By then, Parker Solar Probe will only have come close to that 6.1 million km from the surface of the sun.

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