Pennautier: The head of stars for young and old

Kader Amsif, Head of the Sun, Atmosphere, and Magnetic (SHM) Program at CNES (National Center for Space Studies) gave an intervention on Tuesday, June 14th with CM1 and CM2 school students, in the theater, ahead of an evening conference for all audiences. Two student modules are covered: satellites and a journey through the solar system.

Interactive intervention in the form of questions – answers and explanations about satellites with examples, why they are used and how they are launched into orbit around the Earth. Then after a short break, the second topic was a short trip to our solar system. What is the dominant star, how many planets are there in our galaxy, and why the Milky Way? Planet names with appropriate explanations.

Kader Amseef knew how to fascinate children with his modified vocabulary and colorful explanations.

In the evening, the chosen theme was “The Sun, an ordinary star, but not so much.” In recent years, several missions have been aimed at studying the Sun and its effect on our planet.

During the conference, some of the mysteries of the Sun (halo, solar wind, solar cycles, etc.) that make up the main objectives of the individual missions (ESA Solar Orbiter mission) and PSP (NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission) emerged and a “new” societal issue related to space weather.

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