Pixy: Selfie Drone for Snapchat

Snap, the publisher of Snapchat, also prides itself on building hardware. We know Spectacles that allow you to record video sequences, and a year ago the company launched Her first “real” connected glasses for developers. Snap adds a new reference to its catalog with… a drone! Yes, it’s unexpected, but pixie She has a few points to make.

This very small plane is of course equipped with a camera. Just press the button on the object to fly away and record what’s happening in front of it. It offers four modes: “hover” to choose the perfect angle for a selfie, “detection” to detect the environment around you, “follow” to follow the user of course, and “orbit” where the drone will fly 360 degrees.

To retrieve the drone, simply place your hand in front of you and Pixy will land gently on your palm. The sensor captures 2.7 thousand 12MP videos and photos, but you should not expect exceptional recording quality – the device is designed to feed personal stories to Snapchat. Videos captured by Pixy are also automatically stored in the app (it does not include SD port but its flash memory is 16GB).

Pixy weighs one hundred grams, its battery can be replaced, and the autonomy ranges from 5 to 8 flights every 20 seconds. So he won’t be able to follow you all day in the mountains, unless you have an external battery (which is recharged in USB-C). The drone is attractive enough to impress quite a few users, plus it will retail in the US and France for $230 or €250. Please note that the expected lead time is 11 to 12 weeks…

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