Red Wings – Canadian | Tyler Bertozzi is absent by choice

Without his top scorer, the Detroit Red Wings will land in Montreal on Saturday to face the Canadian.

Clouds Livranso

Clouds Livranso

Tyler Bertozzi has not actually been vaccinated against COVID-19, which has prevented him from accompanying his teammates to Canada. The Canadian government requires a 14-day quarantine for any unvaccinated traveller.

However, Bertuzzi comes to 1He is In first place with Red Wings with six points in four games. His five goals – including four in the season opener against the Lightning – earned him 3NS Rank in the NHL. In addition to his 2021 season, which was interrupted by injury, Todd Bertozzi’s nephew has scored 10 goals in his last 13 games.

“Tyler is an important part of our team,” Red Wings head coach Jeff Blachelle admitted. He is a very good player. The effect of his absence will depend on the performance of the men who inherit his responsibilities. If they play well, we will feel less absenteeism. We can’t wait to see Tyler tomorrow, but tonight we’ll have 20 players who have to be good enough to win the match. ”

Bertozzi remained in Detroit, where he trained alone on Saturday. According to Detroit media, he will then drive to Chicago, where he will face the Wings Blackhawks on Sunday.

His absence clearly speaks volumes, in a league where players are desperate not to miss matches. Every year in the playoffs, we know that the players have remained in training despite fairly serious injuries. In Montreal the case of Shea Weber is well known, and it is he who was suffering from the injuries that now prevent him from participating in this season.

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So, in this hockey culture, how do you deal with an absent player because of your personal choice?

“Our guys love Tyler Bertozzi. He’s a great teammate. I love his coaching. He comes to work every day and has character. The players had a choice, it’s his decision and we respect it. We’ll treat it like an absence. Over the course of the season, the players will miss matches with injury. Or for personal reasons or illness. For us, he is simply absent. One of the men goes to training and the other plays his part. We will try to win with twenty men.”

His absence will be a great opportunity for Robbie Fabri, who will take Bertozzi’s place in the first line of the wings, along with Dylan Larkin and young Lucas Raymond.

If he doesn’t change his mind along the way, Bertozzi could miss the nine games the wings will play in Canada this season. They will be back in Montreal on November 2nd and will be in Toronto three days earlier.

Sidr for the first time

For Montreal fans, Saturday’s game will be the first chance to see Moritz Seder in action. The Red Wings caused a relative surprise when they acquired this German defender from the age of 6NS Rank. Many observers expected it to be more in the middle of the first round.


Moritz Cider (53)

But so far, Cider is still on the right track. He played in the MLS in the 2019-2020 season, and continued his training with Angelholm player Rögle BK, in the Swedish Premier League last season. Forming a tandem with Quebecer Éric Gélinas, Seider accumulated 28 points in 41 matches, and showed a rating of +14.

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“When you take the final exam, you wish you had as much experience as possible,” Blachelle recalls. He had experience with LED [première division allemande] At the age of 17, he played in the American League and then in Sweden. We think he’s really ready for this challenge. This does not mean that there will be no ups and downs. But we think the experience will help him. ”

This season, Cider has earned three points in four games at an average of 20:58 per game, the team’s second total behind Philip Hronick (11:03 p.m.).

son Fitness Trainer Now he wants him to be inspired by a senior member of the organization, Niklas Liedstrom, in his development. You might say it’s easier said than done, but nothing prevents taking this form…

“He has very good skills. But he has to learn how to create the attack effectively, that is, without additional risks. Some defenders cause a lot of attacks, but they are vulnerable defensively. It’s hard to win like that. We had one of the most effective defenders in history here at Niklas Liedstrom. I don’t compare anyone to him, but he’s a competency model. He’s still learning how much he can give, how to attack and be good at defending.”

Ladybug on the ice rink!

It wouldn’t be hard to spot Seider on the ice: he’s the right-handed 6-foot-6 and wears the number 53, the number Victor Miti is best known for here.

After training, Seder explained why he wore the 53, and surprised a handful of reporters at the Bell Center with his answer. His choice is actually a reference to the movie series ladybug (Herbie), from Disney. In this movie, the car in question bears the number 53.

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“When I was 16, I had the opportunity to play pro in Mannheim. They asked me what number I wanted and I didn’t expect it. I had seen the movie the day before and thought it was stuck in my head. That’s why I wear 53.”

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