Resident Evil: Fantastic Lady Demetrisko costumes by actresses who explain it

Helena Mankowska, who is Mrs. Dimitrisko’s face Resident Evil Village, And Maggie Robertson, the actress who plays the character, has played the fashion game for a few Instagram posts.

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Kotaku Share These are great posts and no one can miss it. Our love for the giant vampire is endless, and the two actresses who lent their bodies to her are deeply admired.

First, Spanish model Helena Mancowska introduced herself to the game for a photo and dressed as Lady Demetrisco, the character who lent her her facial features. Cameraman Louis Padilla You captured the essence of Mrs. Demetrisco in her photos of Helena, which rays shivers down your spine as in Resident Evil Village.

Is not she beautiful? Helena Mankowska knew how to bring into real life this wild woman that we hate so much for her admiration!

Meanwhile, Maggie Robertson wanted to blend in with the skin of the character she lends her voice for. She also asked fans of the franchise to follow her business accounts on social media instead of following her personal accounts.

She said the way she did, we don’t want to disturb Mrs. Dimitrisko, do we?

We can find these two women in Resident Evil VillageAvailable from the beginning of the month, at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Xbox OneAnd the Google Stadia And the Computer.

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