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Return to Monkey Island: Free Attacks Hit the Creator

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The toxicity of the Internet community will overcome it. After many free video game attacks Back to Monkey IslandIts creator, Ron Gilbert, is losing hope for the future.

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during playing Back to the monkey Island It was finally announced during Nintendo Direct Mini In the temporary exclusive on the Nintendo Switch, the creator had to face many criticisms and personal attacks on the visual style of the new game that was not unanimously accepted.

No more desire for the future?

The match was highly anticipated, marking the return of Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman after more than 30 years of absence. There was interest in the players.

contract creator personal blog To report his work and the work of the studio in charge of the game Back to Monkey Island. However, after mounting hatred and frustration in the comments that can be seen on his blog:

  • I waited 30 years for this.
  • I saw this bad graphic style.
  • It cannot be saved.
  • I definitely wouldn’t buy it

Ron Gilbert said he no longer wanted to share anything about the game and that he no longer wanted to.

Close comments. People are just mean and I have to delete my personal offensive comments. It’s a great game and everyone on the team is very proud of it. Play it or don’t play it, but don’t spoil it. I won’t post about the game anymore. It robbed me of the joy of being involved.

These personal attacks are not trivial in the world of video games. In fact, some creators have managed to denounce the bad behavior of some “fans” towards their game on purely personal terms like a wave of hate. Our last 2 for example.

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