Science: What is the “oxidation field” that surrounds our body?

  • Alicia Hernandez por_puesto
  • BBC News World

Two kinetic diagrams showing chemical reactions around objects.

photo credit, University of California at Irvine

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The “oxidation field” around us looks like an aura of energy

The fact that people release chemical compounds – when breathing or sweating, for example – has been well known. The fact that we can transform other substances, and thus “clean up” our environment, was not.

This is exactly what a team of scientists from the Mac Planck Institute of Chemistry (Germany) and researchers from the United States and Denmark have discovered: we have an “oxidation domain” that changes the chemistry that surrounds us.

Whether outdoors, in our homes, on transportation, or at work, we are exposed to many chemicals and pollutants. Whether it’s paints, emissions, or even what we produce through activities like cooking or cleaning.

Outside, these chemicals usually disappear naturally, but how? Thanks to the infallible formula: UV rays from the sun, water vapor and ozone.

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