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Sergei Fedorov pulled his goalkeeper in overtime and the strategy worked (again)

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The Continental Hockey League (KHL) can be special at times and we saw a good example of that in the past few days during a match between Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk (yes, that’s the team’s real name) and CSKA in Moscow.

With a 4-4 draw and the extra period just beginning, CSKA coach Sergei Fedorov decided to withdraw his goalkeeper in favor of a fourth player, thus giving a kind of strength to his club.

The strategy succeeded. CSKA took the opportunity to score and save themselves with a win:

This wasn’t the first time Fedorov had been seen using this technique. Last year, when he was in his first season with CSKA as head coach, the former winger did the same and succeeded…twice.

We know how creative Fedorov is, who has the gift of being on the ice and is clearly quite creative behind the bench.

This is actually a common strategy in Russia, As Bob Hartley explained this morning at JiC’s mic on BPM Sports. My colleague Mitch Geiger has written on this subject in the past.

The former KHL and NHL coach explains that we often see high-profile teams (which will almost certainly do the playoffs) doing the same in order to get as many points as possible, particularly to cash in on the ice in the playoffs. .

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But why wouldn’t any team do the same in the NHL? It’s simple: because the risk is too great. explain.

Normally, losing in overtime always gives a team an extra point in the standings, but there is a specific clause in the NHL rules: If a team draws a goalkeeper in overtime and loses, they get neither. It’s called a “loser point”.

Hartley says Gary Pittman introduced the rule a few years ago because the commissioner didn’t want the Games to end in this way, spoiling the beauty of the sport and Game Generally.

And for once, I tend to agree with Batman. I totally understand that a strategy can eventually pay off, but…

Imagine you’ve paid for tickets to Bale’s center, extra game time against the Bruins has just begun… Brad Marchand has scored in an empty net since Martin St-Louis eliminated Allen or Montembeault for an extra striker and the Canadian lost a ‘certain’ point in order.

What will your reaction be? This is the way I see things, at least.

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