Sonos adds DTS Digital Surround support to its speakers

DTS Digital Surround is finally announced with the support of Sonos soundbars thanks to an update to the Sonos S2 app. This is one of the new features coming, also with better management of Sonos Roam and Move autonomy.

Sonos' range of subwoofers, subwoofers and audio devices

Sonos range of amplifiers, subwoofers and audio devices // Source: Sonos

In the era of high-quality video streaming with generalized 4K, l’Imax Enhanced chez Disney + where AV1 Access to NetflixIt is important that the hardware (TVs, speakers, sound bars, etc.) are also up to date.

When the new loudspeaker is launched Sonos Beam (Gen 2) compatible Dolby Atmos For less than 500 euros, the American audio specialist promises the highly anticipated access to support for DTS Digital Surround for a more immersive and high-quality audio experience. This is now possible thanks to the update Sonos S2 app Posted for a few days.

The DTS Digital surround sound, what is it?

Digital Surround Sound for Digital Theater System (DTS) is an audio codec close to Dolby Digital that we owe to Steven Spielberg for accompanying the release of Jurassic Park (1993). DTS encodes in 5.1 channels, providing a six-channel display. It compresses the signal less (4x less) and digitizes the audio to 20 bits instead of 16. This provides better sound quality and higher bit rates (1411 kbps).

Sonos Beam Speaker (Gen 2)

Sonos Beam amplifier (Gen 2) // Source: Sonos

There are also many variations: DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo: 6, DTS Surround Sensation, DTS-ES, DTS Headphone: X, DTS: X, etc. It all depends on whether or not you listen to the sound through headphones or on a 7.1 home cinema system, at home or in the cinema, with more or less speakers, subwoofer or not, channels eliminated or not.

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Sonos soundbars will be able to play the DTS digital surround sound format that can be found especially on Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

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With this app update to be performed (you can go to the app in settings > system > system updates > check for updates or on the blinds), Sonos ArkSonos Beam (Gen 1 and Gen 2), Playbar, Playbase and Amp will be able to enjoy DTS audio. The icon will be displayed in the app if the broadcast content is in this format.

The DTS icon appears on the Sonos app if streaming content is present

The DTS icon appears on the Sonos app if the streaming content is in // Source: Sonos . Format

But the arrival of DTS, awaiting upcoming support for Amazon Music Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos Music, isn’t the only new thing in the update. Users of the brand’s products will also be able to take advantage of the improved equalizer parameters (bass, treble and loudness) and can be accessed directly from the playback screen. No need to go into the settings of the Sonos app to adjust the music.

All you have to do is hold your finger down on the volume bar and then tap on the settings icon on the right. This update was first published on iOS. It will be in the coming months for Android users.

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Better autonomy for portable speakers

Sonos roaming And Transfer Do not forget. Updating the Sonos S2 app improves their autonomy by introducing a battery saver. If you activate this new function, the portable speaker will turn off completely and automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

It is now possible to save battery Sonos Move and Roam from Sonos S2 app settings

It is now possible to save battery Sonos Move and Roam from Sonos S2 app settings

Thus Roam and the Move were shut down respectively to push their autonomy to 70 and 30 days without recharging. To turn it back on, though, you’ll have to press the power button to listen to your music or radios.

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