Sony released a new version of the PS5 that is identical to the original with one detail

A new type of PS5 arrives in Japan with a few changes, including a lighter weight.

We may have a file PS5 Several months ago, we were not used to it. Not only is it long, but historically long, it’s one of the greatest video game consoles ever. It measures 39 cm high, 26 cm deep and 10.4 cm wide.

It’s large enough to require careful planning to fit into your living room setting. It’s not just a matter of size. While many gadgets are now designed to fit perfectly in our homes, the PS5 is going the other way. Sony doesn’t want you to put it away in an entertainment cabinet where no one can see it. It should be visible. but that is not all. At Sony, they explained that this volume is necessary to cool components.

New PS5 digital release loses 300 grams on the scale

Surprisingly, Sony released a new version of PS5 Digital Edition (Version without Blu-ray player) Identical to the original except for one specific detail: it is 300g lighter. Dimensions do not change, I only lost weight.

Model number CFI-1100B01 has been confirmed in Japan (originally CFI-1000B) with a new manual appearing on the official PlayStation Japan website. The weight drops from 3.9kg for the original PS5 Digital to 3.6kg for the revamped version, and the only difference seems to be in its construction with a new type of screw and mounting system on the vertical support. With this new system, it is not necessary to use a screwdriver or coin to place the holder. Obviously, this does not explain the significant weight loss.

Let’s not talk about the Slim version right away, but about the definitely “corrected” version that definitely results in savings for Sony and therefore larger profit margins.

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