Space: The first space tourists to join the International Space Station will launch on April 6

AX-1The First business mission about the International Space Station About to head into space! After a slight setback for last-minute checks, SpaceX will push a file April 6 2022 a Entirely private crewwho will enjoy a few days’ trip aboard the International Space Station.

four people He will join the orbital station, and none of them are a professional astronaut on duty! This is it Axiom SpaceAnd the An American company in the field of astronautics and spaceflight, which was originally from this exceptional mission without a doubt The first in a long series. However, the three tourists will not be alone as Michael Lopez Alegria accompanies them. Axiom Space Vice President, the guy is a former NASA guy, and he’s already been in space for 258 days.

The lucky space touristsAnd Larry Connor, Mark Bathy and Eitan Stipe will not only admire the Earth from above during their stay. They trained like astronauts and will achieve a Research Program, to give meaning to their mission. They will be there for about eight daysdepending on the conditions of the return.

SpaceX and Space Axiom Paving the Way for space tourism To the International Space Station, since three more manned flights Planned by the end of 2023. But Axiom also wants to have its own space station, which should be connected to the International Station in 2024. The company offers orbital missions for private astronauts, tourists, researchers or actors, with training and transportation including in the show. A cost that normal humans can’t afford at the moment, a week costs 4 aboard the International Space Station 12.5 million dollarsWithout transportation!

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