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Star Académie: A Year of Education by Lunou Zucchini

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Lunou Zucchini keeps a vague memory because she watched for a while star Academy In 2003. “The Year of Mary May”, I ventured, unsure of the exact date. But nothing more than that. You have never been attracted to televised singing contests.

Today she is a candidate for Star Academy 2021, Recently rescued by the public, who cracked Sunday for an impeccable rereading of Belmont ParkWritten by Diane Duferson.

“It’s funny, because today in the middle of it, he’s openly admitting to Luno on the phone, the day after he’s back at Waterloo. I’ve listened sometimes.” Voice Or things like that, but I’d always tell myself I wouldn’t. I really couldn’t see myself doing it because I felt so much competitive. ”

“But with the new version of star AcademyI saw ads everywhere, and a lot of things came back to me, continues Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu. Since he focuses more on the artist than on the single performer, the academic side has really turned on me. Finally, I’m so glad I did! I don’t feel any competition between us. Yesterday (Sunday), I was very fond of Matt and Annabelle numbers [les deux autres participants en danger]I was so proud, I was in a lot more awe of the competition! “

It does not hide the fact that it is often difficult to say goodbye to friends who have to leave at the end of a Sunday.

Sometimes in the evening, I go to bed and say to myself: Relatively forgotten! They are not dead! ” (Laugh) “.


The period was also ideal for Lunou, at the start of 2021, to suit this type of project. The 25-year-old student of musical theater completed her training at Collège Lionel-Groulx last June, in the midst of a pandemic, and had no job or contract ahead of her. Thus, it has expanded its aisle only on school desks for a few months, in another type of institution.

“Everything is lined up. At first, when I was shown, after exams for star Academy, I said no. But then, it was running in my head. I was like, “What have you got to lose?” I finished my studies, and had nothing to do the following year, we were in a pandemic … ”

And after star AcademyIs Lunou Zucchini already thinking about it?

“No. I’m a professional at denial in life! (Laughs) And I think that’s kind of what I’m doing. I think it’d be surprising. I have no idea what to expect next. I’m looking forward to. Right now, I’m really right in the moment, at The academy. It might be better for me to plan for the future, but I’m not thinking about that yet. “

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Before embracing his artistic fibers, Lunou attempted a foray into nursing.

“That was denial too, you see! (Laughs) After that, I went to the humanities, and I went to university in communications. And then I stopped denying! (Laughs).”

Daughter of singer Los Duvolt, having already showcased her vocal talent to the world during this special Mother’s DayLive from the universeIn May, Lunou had no impression of arriving at star Academy With a head start over her comrades because she was already familiar with the artistic world.

It says: “Zero.” I was in this environment with the power of circumstances, like anyone whose parents work in any field. But I’ve never been that area. I watched it, but I wasn’t a part of it very often. “

And what do you mainly remember from the few weeks you’ve spent in the academy so far?

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“With Bibi (Munoz), we worked on the importance of the body in interpretation. The Artistic Identity chapters show us how important it is to know yourself, that it is normal not to know a lot of things, and not to get answers to everything. I get the impression that this is what made me more exciting.” .

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